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Hence, we made KEYWIN for you. Your shortcut to SUCCESS!

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Have you ever thought about how much time you are WASTING by not regularly using keyboard shortcuts on your computer? The result about how much time you are likely wasting per year will blow your mind. Most people lose an average of 2 seconds per minute of work by switching back & forth from their mouse instead of using the analogous keyboard shortcut. Learning just this single shortcut could save you several cumulative hours over the course of a year. Time you can save is approximately

8 Days per Year

That’s right. If your job requires you to be working on a computer throughout each standard 8-hour workday, then using keyboard shortcuts can save you 8 entire workdays every year. This is equal to 3.3% of your total productivity. Here’s a quick derivation of this figure:

While above fact is about using general keyboard shortcuts, KEYWIN let you define your own keyboard shortcuts to perform activities for which perhaps no keyboard shortcuts are defined yet (e.g. adjusting volume, launching applications, files, folders, website and many more) and thereby let you save more time and increase your productivity.

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With KEYWIN transform your keyboard to a powerful digital assistant,

Let your keyboard do lot more than JUST TYPING...

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After receiving payment, we send ordered OTP or MTP via Email at your registered PayPal / PayU Money email id and/or other specified email id.
On homepage you click on Activate KEYWIN option & enter correct OTP/MTP when prompted. Thus, you get SPECIAL access to activate KEYWIN installed on your computer.
Further website prompts you to enter Product Key & you enter Product Key obtained from KEYWIN installed on your computer.
For Product Key entered, website will return you with an Activation Key. Save/Print Activation Key. Enter this Activation Key to KEYWIN installed on your computer & click Activate button to activate KEYWIN.


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How to Install KEYWIN

Installation instructions will help you undrstand how you can download KEYWIN from this website and install on your computer.

How to Install KEYWIN »

How to Activate KEYWIN

After installing KEYWIN it needs to be activated. Activation instructions will help you activate KEYWIN and enjoy its features.

How to Activate KEYWIN »


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are designed to answer commonly asked questions and queries about KEYWIN.

FAQs »

Window Key

Simple Operation
Just like you press key and tap E to open Windows Explorer, you will operate your shortcut keys in similar fashion.

Quickly Opens

Files / Folders / URLs
You just need to remember the shortcut key and shortcut key will remember to open, complex Web URLs or paths to your files/folder.

Desktop Icons

Show/Hide Desktop icons
Beautiful wallpaper is hidden behind messed desktop icons? Hide and show desktop icons just by pressing same shortcut key.

Screen shots

Rapid screenshots + Auto Save
Press a shortcut key to take snap of your computer screen and save to a screenshots folder with date and time stamp.

Virtual Desktop

Do real Multi-tasking
4 desktops in one computer. One real and three virtual. Switch between these desktops by pressing shortcut key.

MS Office

MS Office @ fingertips
Open office applications - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook by pressing shortcut key.
E.g. to open MS Word, press the key and tap W.

TOPmost Windows

Make any window TOPMOST
Press shortcut key to keep any application always on TOP of all other windows and it never goes behind.


Make window transparent
Use shortcut key to make any window more or less transparent.
See through the transparent window. Also a good privacy feature.

Insert Text

Easily insert repetitive text
No more remembering and typing long or complex texts like address, username, message. Assign text to shortcut key. Press shortcut key to enter the text.

Insert Objects

Text / Picture / Attachment
Store object (Formatted text, Images, Attachments) to shortcut key and press shortcut key to insert object.

Hotkey to Play

Built-in Audio CD Player
Eject, Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Pervious Track. All this can be performed from keyboard using shortcut keys.

Volume Control

Control Speaker volume
Increase, Decrease or Mute Speaker volume using shortcut key on keyboard.

Manage Power

with shortcut key
Shutdown, Restart, Standby or Hibernate your computer by pressing shortcut key. Useful in Remoted Desktop.

Battery Gauge

On-screen battery gauge
An on-screen innovative battery gauge shows you real-time state of battery. Only for battery operated computers like Laptops / Notebooks.

Daily Apps

Quickly open daily apps
Assign any app to a shortcut key and next time you can open that app by pressing shorctut key.

For Everyone

Suitable for all ages
KEYWIN is made for beginners as well as experts & is suitable for all ages.

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