1. What is KEYWIN?
    KEYWIN is a digital product (software) for Windows Operating System. It offers hotkeys feature to program various actions to keyboard keys and execute these when pressed in combination with Windows Key .
    Just like you press +E to open Windows Explorer or +R to open RUN dialog box, with KEYWIN you can program keyboard keys to perform actions of your choice. So you may open Calculator by pressing +C or MS Word by pressing +W.... Sounds good?

  2. How can I get started with KEYWIN?
    Purchase OTP/MTP for KEYWIN. Use OTP/MTP to download KEYWIN Setup file (Retain downloaded Setup file for future use), Install and activate KEYWIN. Look for our official blogs on
    How to Install KEYWIN How to Activate KEYWIN

  3. What is OTP?
    OTP stands for One Time Password. OTP can be used only once and expires after it is used to get the Activation Key. OTP is issued upon purchasing single license. Note: Do not disclose your OTP to anyone. Eaglesoft is not responsible for loss of your license in such case.

  4. What is MTP?
    MTP stands for Multi Time Password. MTP can be used predefined number of times to get the Activation Key and expires after that. MTP is issued upon purchasing multiple licenses. E.g. MTP for 100 licenses can be used 100 times to Install and Activate KEYWIN on 100 different computers. Note: Do not disclose your MTP to anyone. Eaglesoft is not responsible for loss of your multiple licenses in such case.

  5. How can I get OTP/MTP for KEYWIN?
    You need to purchase OTP/MTP. You can purchase from this site (recommended) or from vendor. Visit KEYWIN www.facebook.com/keywinsoftware page for more information.

  6. Do I get KEYWIN Installation CD while purchasing OTP/MTP?
    No, we do not provide any Installation CD/DVD. KEYWIN is digital product and we recommend you to download latest setup file (Size: 7MB only) from KEYWIN website.

  7. How to get Setup file for KEYWIN?
    Use OTP/MTP purchased at www.activatekeywin.com and you can download KEYWIN Setup file (at Step 2) after you enter correct OTP/MTP.

  8. I used my OTP to download KEYWIN setup file, Can I still get Activation Key later?
    Yes, your OTP/MTP is valid until you use it to get the Activation Key.

  9. How to get Product Key for KEYWIN?
    Install and run KEYWIN. Click on keyboard icon in System Tray to get the Product Key. Refer Step 1 and 2 in Chapter Activating KEYWIN in KEYWIN START GUIDE.

  10. Shall I retain the Activation Key?
    Yes. You may use it in future when you install KEYWIN on same system. Note: Eaglesoft do not guaranty that the activation key can always work in future.

  11. Can I resell my KEYWIN Single User License?
    No, KEYWIN Single User License is not transferable.

  12. Can I Gift / resell my OTP/MTP?
    Yes, you can gift OTP/MTP or resell (Eaglesoft is not responsible for any guarantee or warranty made by reseller, vendors and anyone else.) If you are taking this as business opportunity Contact Us. We can offer discounted rates for bulk purchase.

  13. Why numbers of HOTKEYs differ on different system?
    KEYWIN offers you all available hotkeys on your system. Numbers of available hotkeys are different on different systems and operating systems. E.g. For Windows XP approximately 83 hotkeys For Windows Vista/7 approximately 63 hotkeys.

  14. What are the Operating Systems supported?
    KEYWIN is made for all Windows Operating Systems both 32-bit and 64-bit.

  15. I bought new computer. How can I transfer my KEYWIN from old computer to new?
    KEYWIN is not transferable. Buy OTP for your new computer.

  16. How can I return the product and seek refund?
    Being a lower priced digital product, there is no return or refund for KEYWIN.

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