1. Click on blinking keyboard icon in system tray

  2. This opens activation screen which displays PRODUCT KEY and accepts ACTIVATION KEY to activate KEYWIN. Click "Try 30 Days" button to try KEYWIN for next 30 days after which it will expire and you will need to activate it to use further.

  3. Keep OTP / MTP handy and visit www.activatekeywin.com Enter OTP / MTP and verification code, click on "Submit" button.

  4. Enter PRODUCT KEY, Verification code and click on "Submit" button.

  5. Website will give you ACTIVATION KEY in return. Click "Print" button to print activation key or note it down. NOTE: You may need activation key in future, to activate KEYWIN or as proof of license.

  6. Feed ACTIVATION KEY to KEYWIN. Upon entering correct ACTIVATION KEY, the "Activate" button will enable, when clicked will activate KEYWIN.

  7. Upon activating KEYWIN, it will automatically apply factory setting by assigning few hotkeys. Next time when you click blinking keyboard icon, you will see following screen of KEYWIN where you can define your own hotkeys.

Congratulations! You have activated KEYWIN sucessfully and it is ready to use.

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